Outpatient procedure of the first osteopathy consultation in the OCP Quirino Clinic

Anamnesis is used to search for or understand the aetiology of symptoms. We conduct a detailed conversation with patients to understand their needs and expectations for their treatment. The first consultation consists of observing the relationship and communication (verbal and non-verbal) between child and parent (and vice versa). We start by looking at the child in his systemic context. In our osteopathic care we move towards a very broad spectrum of temporal and causal reference areas. We take plenty of factors into account such as: genetics, time of fertilization, pregnancy, childbirth, family structure, environmental influences and the current situation. The task of integrative experience-based osteopathic medicine/therapy is to crystallize the influences which are related to the current symptoms of the child’s organism, which are thus relevant for the osteopathic diagnosis as well as for the current specific treatment.