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Special performances

For an outside opinion in our clinic OCP Quirino
The external opinion is independent and neutral. The osteopath will evaluate the protocols and the clinical diagnosis during the meeting with the patient, where eventual questions, insecurities and specifications on the protocols can be cleared. The situation will be analysed with other collaborators and professionals, in order to give the patient the outcome on the final decision.
program specific for infants and babies our therapeutic program is specifically made for the treatment of newborns/ teenagers/ mothers before and after the childbirth. Our osteopathic center OCP Quirino offers families respective with particular needs/condition a program of donation. The goal of this program is to offer a contribution based on the client’s financial situation.
Emergency clinic – for osteopathy highlighted integrative medicine therapy
To offer better support to patients with acute situations, the clinic’s staff is always available during night hours, weekends and festive days as well. We are available during the whole week 24/7 via our emergency number.
The therapeutic qualities and basic principles of the infants/children massage
The infant massage is recommended as an efficient method and contribution to the osteopathic integrative concept of the OCP center. Continue to the full article..

Costs information

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