Baby massage

The therapeutic properties and basic principles of baby the massage from OCP Quirino

The baby massage is a recommended efficient and further supplement to the integrative osteopathic regulatory medicine/therapy of the OCP Quirino concept.

Overview of the topics:
– Significance and effects of baby massage
– everyday stress, insecurity
– Parents and their responsibility
– Strengthening the bond, effects on social and intellectual behaviour
– Sensory Integration and Developmental Pediatrics
– Knowledge of polyvagal theory (Porges)
– Developmental-neurological interactions and connections
– Regressive and integrative therapy taking into account depth psychology and integrative osteopathy for traumas arising in the pre-, peri- and postnatal period.
– Trauma resolution through neuroregulation
– Consideration of complex illnesses/disturbances (children or parents in need)

In this article I will give relevant information about the complex relationships and their effects on baby massage, under the aspects of polyvagal theory and integrative osteopathy. It is important for parents to know that this is not an ordinary baby massage, where a standard program from A to Z is completed within a fixed time and then the next appointment is scheduled. Work, telephone calls, deadline pressure, hectic rush … – this is unfortunately the wrong approach. The time factor in this context should be geared to the baby’s needs.

The concept of OCP Quirino sets clear accents from the very beginning in the preparation/initiation of a therapy (in the context of baby massage) and ensures a gentle introduction of the parents. This is fundamental for the further process. These are unique moments when mother/father and baby/child form a (dyad-triad) symbiosis and are connected in the deepest intimacy. This has enormous effects on the therapy result as well as on the further procedure. First of all, the focus should be on the attention and perception of the numerous body signals. The interaction (prosody, facial expressions, loving attention …) between baby and mother/father during the baby massage is of the greatest relevance. Children need love, respect, attention, tenderness, patience and a listening heart. This kind of communication in verbal and non-verbal form between mother, father and siblings is one of the main focuses of the baby massage therapy of OCP Quirino. The therapy aims to positively influence the interpersonal relationship and the necessary basic security for baby/child and parents. Parental skills are also significantly enhanced, especially in recognising signals, understanding and respecting the baby’s needs, for example satisfaction or discomfort. The goal is to give the parents more security, encouraging so that they feel up to their task.

Other positive effects should also be mentioned: the interaction has a modulating, regulating effect on neuro-biochemical-hormonal vital processes thanks to mutual interactions between the autonomic nervous system and the somatic and enteric systems. Sensory integration also leads to a better body awareness and thus self-regulation, which positively supports salutogenesis and its natural development processes (skills and intellectual development). Also mentioned is the involvement or activation, development and strengthening of the sensory organs (visual, olfactory, auditory, gustatory, haptic, somatic …), and the numerous vital functions should be pointed out.

Of course, further contents and aspects of the concept will be individually explained during the consultation hour, with special reference to the participating family and their child(ren) with special needs.

Important notes: Number of participants 1–3 Duration depending on number of participants between approx. 60–90 minutes Course only takes place on weekend days
Please note the information for patients.