Antonio Quirino

Osteopath C.O,C.P.O., M.Sc.Ost.,q.p.


Practical delegation
OCP Quirino
Osteopathy Care in Pediatrics


osteopathic integrative medicine/ Pediatric, adolescent, teenage, adult and parental therapy.

Branch of competence

Traumatology, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology.

Areas of practice / professional competence

Evidence-based general osteopathic treatment for infants and premature babies.

Accompanying mothers during maternity and postpartum.

Osteopathic integration in psychology, diagnosis, therapy of traumatic experiences during the prenatal-perinatal-postnatal period, regarding the situation of the child, mother and family. In terms of bonding in the knowledge of trauma- therapy

Trauma/Psychosomatics, Post-Traumatic Syndrome/Disorder, Regulatory Disorders.


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