Magna Carta

OCP Quirino: Basic principles and philosophy

Against this background, we at OCP Quirino clinic are committed to the following principles:

We practise scientific, responsible, professional, complementary, advanced, osteopathic, intergrative medicine according to the latest evidence-based rules. All patients receive first-class personalised/stratified osteopathic medicine and nursing care regardless of insurance status. No patient need worry about not receiving the required medical and therapeutic assistance due to financial considerations. Conversely, no medical action will be taken purely on the basis of financial incentive. We practise complementary osteopathic, integrative medicine on an stratified individual basis of the EBID principle (Evidence Based Idividual Decision) and with the utmost care. We do not conduct clarifications or perform treatments that are unnecessary and not in the interest of our patients. We respect the primordial right to self-determination in patients with the capacity to make their own decisions. Their consent, following detailed explanation, is essential for all treatment. Where patients are incapable of making own decisions, their presumed will shall be regarded as the expression of their self-determination and shall be absolutely binding. We respect the basic beliefs held by our patients in their entirety: ethical, mental, physical, spiritual, social and cultural. We attach great importance to social competence and interdisciplinary cooperation with numerous different specialisms of the medical, professional and health care in accordance with the terms of the clinical centre.